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This indicator shows delta of x previous bars buy and sell volume sum on a histogram.

It sums up the bars volume data, calculates the delta by subtracting the buy volume sum from sell volume sum, and then assigns the delta value to the current bar.

If you have used the cumulative delta indicator its very similar to it except it sums up only a limited number of bars volume not the whole available bars data on the chart.

You can use this indicator to find out the shifts in volume from buyers to sellers or vice versa, the histogram makes the indicator data interpretation very easy and you will find out that price and the indicator data follow each other closely.


  • It can show another time frame data on your chart
  • Few parameters and easy to configure and use
  • Separates the data onto up/down bars based on the delta value

3 reviews for VSD

  1. Ghazi Sameer

    You are only developer from whom I purchase indicators. However your new indicators are much better than your previous ones.

    • Ahmad Noman Musleh

      Thanks for your kind words, we do our best to increase the quality of our products, and if you have any suggestion please let us know.

  2. Vasile

    Great indicator if you know how to use it in combination with price action and another common indicator. Winning rate is like 80-90%.

  3. MR7KING

    This site has removed all of my below the chart indicators from every other source,
    I now only have indicators from this site and stock Moving Averages.

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Changed: Update notification library


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Fixed: A minor bug

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