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The Vortex indicator developed by Etienne Botes and Douglas Siepman, it shows the strength of bulls and bears.

It has two oscillators that show the positive and negative trend movement, you can think of those oscillators as strength meter of bulls and bears.

Whenever the positive trend movement oscillator crossed negative one, it means the bulls are much stronger than bears and a new uptrend might start, vice versa for negative trend movement oscillator.

For the calculation of positive/negative trend movement oscillators, the indicator sums up x number of previous bars high minus its preceding bar low or low minus preceding bar high, then it divides both to the sum of x previous bars true range, x is the indicator period which will be set by the user.

Vortex wasn’t available for cTrader and it was requested by users, we developed it and we have implemented our alerting library on it, so whenever the positive oscillator crosses the negative one or vice versa you will see an alert popup which allows you to set email, sound, and Telegram alerts.

You can disable the alerting feature if you want to.


  • Easy to setup
  • Popup, sound, email, and Telegram alert on +VI and -VI cross

1 review for Vortex

  1. Andrew

    This is a great tool to confirm overall pair strength and direction, Nice Work.

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