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Volume Gap

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Do you ever think about the relationship between buy/sell volume and price? the volume gap indicator shows the average estimated buy/sell volume on two separate lines and you will be able to see how the price reacts whenever there is more buy volume than sell volume.

The indicator uses a formula to estimate the buy and sell volume in a bar by using its tick volume data, so it’s not real volume data its just an estimate.

By using this indicator you will find that whenever average buy volume goes above average sell volume the price reacts and change its directions, you can use the crossovers of average buy/sell volume an entry signal for your trades or you can use the indicator data for all kind of analysis you want to.

The Volume Gap indicator shows the volume data in the best possible way that will help you to get the most out of tick volume data that is provided by your broker.

We have used the same buy/sell volume estimation formula for our advanced volume, volume profile, cumulative delta, and VSD indicators, the formula is very simple and it works well if you check any of our aforementioned indicators.


  • Easy to setup with very few parameters
  • Allows you to use any of the cTrader supported moving average types
  • Shows a transparent cloud between buy/sell volume lines
  • Works well on all symbols and time frames

1 review for Volume Gap

  1. Riccardo Simonaggio

    Posso conoscere il codice? Indicatore molto utile!

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Release Date: August 22, 2020

Changed: Update notification library

Changed: Licensing model

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