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This indicator uses two EMAs to find the trend direction and then it uses some volume analysis techniques to find the perfect entry bar.

The idea was to build a simple lightweight indicator that encapsulates a trend trading system, whenever a faster EMA is above a slower EMA or vice versa and both EMAs are rising or falling the indicator consider this type of situation trending and it waits for a perfect bar.

To find the signal bar it usesĀ Advanced Volume and High/Low volume indicators, the former is used for measuring the bar bullish/bearish volume strength with a user-defined minimum percentage value and the later is used for filtering out the noise bars.


  • Popup, sound, Telegram and email alert on trading signals
  • Simplifies trend trading
  • You will be able to change each EMA periods
  • Uses bar volume data to find entry signal


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Release Date: August 22, 2020

Changed: Update notification library

Changed: Alert library


Release Date: August 8, 2020

Added: Alert mode

Changed: Alert library updated


Release Date: April 25, 2020

Added: Now you can enable/disable the update check


Release Date: March 26, 2020

Changed: Updated to the latest cTrader automate API

Changed: Alert library updated

Removed: Signal Statistics


Release Date: June 20, 2019

Changed: Stats code updated


Release Date: June 6, 2018

Added: Signal stats and testing

Changed: Alert library updated

Removed: MMI filter


Release Date: October 29, 2018

Added: Using bar volume to calculate its strength via Advanced Volume and High/Low volume indicators

Changed: Alert library updated

Removed: Candlestick patterns filter


Release Date: June 01, 2018

Removed: Stochastic filter

Removed: Time filter

Removed: Longer time frame filter

Changed: Alert library updated

Changed: calculation code tweaked

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