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Trading Hotkeys

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If you are a short term day trader or scalper you might have thought a lot about your trade execution speed, what’s the fastest way to execute a trade? moving your mouse cursor to cTrader quick trade panel and clicking gets few milliseconds at least and you can get rid of those few milliseconds by using your keyboard, but the platform itself doesn’t has this feature, there is no way to execute a trading operation by pressing keys, and even if you want to develop something like it in form of a cBot it will be really hard, because with current cTrader automate API there is no way to listen for keyboard events outside your chart.

We at AlgoDeveloper found a solution and we developed a cBot that allows you to execute any kind of trading operation on your cTrader with keyboard keys or any other controller that allows you to map the keyboard keys to that controller keys.

With our Trading Hotkeys cBot you can execute an order or close/cancel your open orders by pressing your keyboard or controller keys, you select the keys and cBot will handle the rest.

The cBot works even if your cTrader is on the background, it doesn’t matter, there is no need to keep you cTrader window always on your screen, you can minimize it and use your keyboard or favorite controller to execute trades, its very fast with no latency, much better than using your mouse and cTrader quick trade panel.

You can select any of the keyboard keys for each of the cBot supported trading operations, for avoiding conflict with other apps you can set a combination key but that’s optional and not required, one single key press is enough.


Opening buy/sell market and market range orders

Placing all cTrader supported pending orders types

Closing positions with different criteria, ex: closing only profitable or losing positions

Canceling pending orders with different criteria

Moving your positions stop loss to breakeven

Three different modes to control when should hotkeys work and when not

Different volume units like using percentage of your account equity/balance for orders volume instead of fixed volume

6 reviews for Trading Hotkeys

  1. Khurram Rajput

    Exactly what i was looking for.
    But biggest downside is, All functions are there but can not access all options.

    I am a scalper, so for me Market orders do work.
    I’ll explain what i am looking for.

    I open a Buy Market order with 0.1 Lot(as choose from cbot & attached LCTRL+B for buy) (TRADE) option.
    what cbot will do is open a 0.1 lot, Now i wanted to double the lot (Which i can not do – as only one Option at a time can be choose from Cbot either Trade, Double, Reverse or Reverse double) so i have to open one more lot of 0.1 by pressing hotkey LCTRL+B instead if the doubling the positioning was there & would have attached with a hotkey RCTRL+B … & things didn’t go my way i want to Reverse my Positions i can’t reason again only one option to choose, if it was enable i would attach a hotkey LSHIT+B (Reversal of open buy positions to open Sell positions)

    SO the above example i gave was for the buy positions & it could apply same for sell positions with limited options.

    Now lets talk about closing positions (Yes all options are there but still can only choose ONE out of close all, close profit, close loss, etc) what i would prefer is to have all options enable with attached hotkeys, so i can either choose to close all or close profits or close loss positions.

    so just if more options are allowed to attached with hotkeys, then its just brilliant tool for scalping.. As far as swing trading is concern, all is planned for a slow process, but for scalping its superfast either from seconds to minutes depends on market volatility.

    Thank you for providing the cbot, Hopefully if the above mentioned options have been taken in consideration, then this would become 5star perfect tool.


  2. Nathaniel

    Does not always execute the trade. Not sure why but can be a bit buggy at times

  3. Oliver

    Does exactly what I want it to do!

  4. Grahame

    This is fantastic software. It makes order entry fast and easy.
    I use both limit and market orders depending on the situation. I have all the commands that I need on a key pad next to my mouse. Highly recommended!

  5. Robert

    This is fantastic software. It makes order entry fast and easy.
    I use both limit and market orders depending on the situation. I have all the commands that I need on a key pad next to my mouse. Highly recommended!

  6. costis

    Not working for me.. Please help

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Release Date: January 8, 2021

Changed: Now the window mode only works if the cTrader window is active and focused


Release Date: January 1, 2021

Fixed: Chart mode not working unless you move mouse in/out of chart first


Release Date: December 31, 2020

Added: Different volume types percentage equity, percentage balance, lots, and units

Changed: Default mode to Window


Release Date: December 26, 2020

Added: New “Window” mode


Release Date: December 24, 2020

Added: Mode parameter that allows you to limit the cBot functionality area

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