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There are two ways to jump on a trend, either wait for a pullback or catch the breakout of last higher high in case of an uptrend or last lower low in case of a downtrend, we developed another indicator TD Trend Rider for trading the pullback setups and it uses the popular TD sequential indicator for defining the trend direction, the TD Breakout completes our trend trading package as it finds the breakout setups, not the pullbacks.

This indicator also uses the TD sequential indicator for defining the trend direction similar to our TD Trend Rider indicator as we got very good results from it, on each bar close it calculates x previous bars and finds the last lower low in case of a downtrend or last higher high in case of an uptrend, it checks that if the last bar close was broke it or not, if it did then its a breakout setup and indicator checks two larger time frames to get the trend direction and to find if there is any room left for price to move further in the direction of trend, if conditions are met then indicator mark the bar as an entry signal.

We have implemented our indicator internal testing system on this indicator too, so you will see the live statistics of signals, like accuracy percentage.


  • Makes your trading easy by showing accurate buy/sell signals on your chart
  • Have an internal testing system for testing the indicator signals
  • Uses multiple time frames data
  • Works on all time frames and symbols


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