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Session Box



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This indicator draws a transparent rectangle box on a specific time range of a day, the box start and end time will be defined by the indicator user as start and end time.

You will be able to choose either a filled or unfilled box, so in the case of unfilled, you will have a blank rectangle.

The indicator triggers an alert whenever price reaches the box or exit it, you can disable the alerting feature if you want to.

You have full control over the appearance of the box, you can change the color, background transparency level, lines style, and lines thickness.

You can add several instances of this indicator on the same chart with different start/end time and background colors settings.

The box high and low is automatically adjusted based on price high and low on that specified time range.


  • Setting the indicator time offset based on your cTrader platform time zone
  • Being able to select either fill or unfill option for the box
  • Box entry/exit alert (Popup, sound, email, and Telegram)
  • Max time frame option, if you enable it the indicator only shows the boxes on time frames lower or equal to your defined maximum time frame
  • Shows the session box range and range mean


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Release Date: August 23, 2020

Changed: Update notification library

Changed: Alert library


Release Date: April 27, 2020

Added: Now you can enable/disable update notification message


Release Date: April 21, 2020

Removed: Time offset parameter

Changed: Updated alert library


Release Date: March 28, 2020

Changed: Updated to new cTrader automate API version

Changed: Updated alert library


Release Date: September 18, 2019

Added: Parameter grouping

Added: Show window parameter for alert


Release Date: April 11, 2019

Fixed: Not fitting the session high/low


Release Date: March 28, 2019

Changed: The color transparency will not have any effect if you disable the filled parameter


Release Date: March 25, 2019

Added: Box Range

Added: Box Range Mean

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