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Manual Strategy Tester

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Backtesting a trading strategy is the most vital part of a trader journey and if you don’t have a well-tested strategy or you aren’t confident enough on your trading strategy then its just matter of time to blow your trading account.

cTrader as an all in one trading platform which comes with the tools you need for trading was lacking an important feature and it was backtesting a manual strategy.

Manual Strategy tester actually is a cTrader cBot but it allows you to use the cTrader built-in back tester for testing your manual strategy, it uses the cTrader back tester visual mode and it shows a trade execution window which allows you to execute any kind of order or manage your open orders.

You can attach any indicator you want to on the cTrader back tester chart and perform backtest on a high-quality tick by tick data or any custom data that is imported by you.

You can pause the back tester during order execution and resume it back once you opened your orders, you will see the live result of your trades and other statistics.

Even if you aren’t using cTrader for your live trading, you can use our Manual strategy tester with a demo cTrader account to test your strategies manually on high quality tick data, there is no need for having a live account on cTrader and you can easily create a demo trading account on all cTrader brokers or even on Spotware cTrader beta.

In case you have to access another time frame data during back test you can use our Custom Period Charts indicator, if you purchased manual strategy tester we will give you 50% discount for Custom Period Charts.


  • Modern, customizable, and very user-friendly UI
  • Works on top of cTrader back tester so you will have access to all of the cTrader back tester features
  • Managing your open orders similar to cTrader itself
  • Quick trade mode
  • You can use all available built-in and custom indicators for cTrader on your test
  • You can test your strategy on multiple time frames and Renko/range/tick charts by using our Custom Period Charts indicator

13 reviews for Manual Strategy Tester

  1. Gastao Dias Motta (verified owner)

    Very useful and nice product.

  2. Melo

    Crashed my ctrader

  3. Grery

    how do you rewind?

  4. MR7KING

    I pray to God this is not trial

  5. christian monteverde

    very useful, but it is not possible to backtest with renko charts, can you do something?

  6. Nicholas

    Looks great doesn’t do multitime frames. Can only do one time frame at a time.

  7. Johannes Hillestad Baumann

    Crashes cTrader under use with custom indicators. Missing: ” Limit Order ” (” Entry Price “) with Pips instead actual Value ยท Possibility to reset ” Entry Price ” (button).
    Try Trading Panel Experto instead:

  8. Santi

    Hey mate, would be possible to get the NET6 version? It does not work with the newer version! Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. sevando garcia

    great piece of software. totally upped my game as a trader. I can see exactly what I am doing right/wrong when trading

  10. Ricky

    No response when new order add

  11. Halcio

    This doesn’t work..when I try to place an order, it freezes. Is there a paid option that works properly?

  12. ben

    It do not work anymore

  13. Ali

    very usefull but i had question how you can backtesting in multi time frame?

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Release Date: December 24, 2020

Fixed: Some minor bugs

Changed: Now it uses our new licensing library


Release Date: September 2, 2020

Changed: Now you can trail stop loss levels of positions

Changed: The tester window will be closed on cBot stop


Release Date: August 25, 2020

Changed: Licensing model

Changed: Update notification library


Release Date: November 13, 2019

Added: Show Popup Window button on chart, now you can close the window and open it whenever you needed


Release Date: June 4, 2019

Added: Price based stop loss and take profit

Added: Setting a risk percentage based on the stop-loss amount

Changed: Moved the scroll bar to order info controls and now you can always see the place/reset buttons


Release Date: April 29, 2019

Changed: The orders stop loss is now a negative number and you can use positive Pips number of moving stop loss in profit zone for a position


Release Date: April 21, 2019

Fixed: Crashing issue

Fixed: Not setting the stop loss trigger method

Added: Default order value settings

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