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One of the most popular chart types is Heiken Ashi, it’s similar to candlestick chart but its much smoother and traders use it to have a clean noiseless picture of price action.

Heiken Ashi removes the noise by making the OHLC bars smoother so you will have a more clean chart compare to other chart types like candlestick and one of the main benefits of using Heiken Ashi instead of candlestick charts is the way it shows the trends, you can quickly spot the trend direction and strength by looking to a Heiken Ashi chart.

This indicator shows different time frames Heiken Ashi bars on top of your chart, so you don’t need to change your current chart type and you can choose either regular or smoothed type of Heiken Ashi.

Heiken Ashi MTF indicator adds Heiken Ashi charting feature to cTrader.


  • Multi timeframe indicator
  • Sound, popup, and email alert on Heiken Ashi bar color change
  • Support both regular and smoothed Heiken Ashi
  • Setting the Heiken Ashi bullish/bearish bars color
  • Filling the bar bodies or leaving it transparent
  • Adjusting the color transparency

2 reviews for Heiken Ashi MTF

  1. Taz

    Great indicator!
    Just missing a parameter to adjust the width of the candles so that the candles will fit on different zoom levels, could you add this simple parameter please?

  2. Forex

    Very cool Indi !
    But it seems to have problems with time frames below 3 Min and also Tick charts-
    Is there a way or setting to get those TF´s right?
    Thanks in advance!

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Release Date: March 20, 2019

Added: Bars Gap parameter


Release Date: March 10, 2019

Changed: Alert library updated


Release Date: February 15, 2019

Changed: Alert library updated


Release Date: January 29, 2018

Added: Auto update checker

Changed: From separate Histogram window to overlayed Heiken Ashi bars on top your default chart

Changed: Updated the alert library to the latest version


Release Date: April 18, 2018

Added: Smoothed Heiken Ashi

Changed: Alert library updated


Release Date: November 2, 2017

Changed: Alert library updated


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