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It’s a tool made by William Gann for predicting the price movement, Gann Fan is used for different purposes like finding support and resistance zones or as a trend line.

As of now, cTrader doesn’t have Gann Fan as a default built-in tool so by using this indicator you will be able to automatically draw the Gann fans on your chart just by giving the price and bar numbers.

We did our best to make indicator as user-friendly as possible, the indicator needs two price points and a bar number to draw the fans.


  • Support all major fans
  • Set the fans position on the chart based on its distance from main 1/1 fan in Pips
  • Support both Forex and CFD symbols
  • Setting different color, line style, and thickness for each fan


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Release Date: May 30, 2018

Added: Different line color, style, and thickness for each fan

Changed: Using two price points and a bar number instead of time and a price level to draw the fans

Changed: Made it more easy to use by changing fan angles to distance in pips


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