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Custom Period Chart

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The cTrader platform is a great retail Forex & CFD trading platform but there is a limitation on its charting feature, you can’t have custom period charts.

cTrader does support multiple chart types like normal time based, tick, Renko, and range but each of these chart types come with some fixed list of periods so there is no way to have a custom period tick or Renko chart.

Our indicator allows you to have a custom period chart for any of cTrader supported chart types, and not just that you can plot one chart type on top of another.

There is no limitation on setting the period of a chart type, for time-based charts you can set the period in “Day.Hour:Minute:Second” format and for tick, Renko, and range chart types you can set the size of each in terms of ticks for tick charts and Pips for Renko and range charts.

Another great and very useful feature of this indicator is Heiken Ashi calculation, you might have seen Heiken Ashi charts for time-based standard charts but what about other chart types Heiken Ashi like Renko? The indicator has a feature that allows you to see Heiken Ashi bars instead of normally calculated bars for all chart types and you just have to enable a parameter in indicator to see the magic, so if you are looking to have Heiken Ashi on top of the tick, Renko, and range charts you can use this indicator.

The indicator has some limitations like:

  • Your default chart or the chart that you will attach the indicator on it must have a shorter period than the period you have set on the indicator, so you can’t build an hourly chart from a 2-hour chart or 5 Pips Renko chart from 10 Pips Renko chart.
  • You can’t plot a non-time based (ticks, Renko, range) on top of a time-based chart, so you will not be able to build a Renko chart from a time-based chart but you can do the reverse.


  • Being able to select from four different chart types (time, tick, Renko, and range)
  • Setting a fixed date as indicator calculation start point
  • Setting different colors for bullish/bearish bars body and wick
  • Changing the bar wicks width
  • You can enable/disable the bar’s body filling option
  • Limiting the indicator based on a maximum time frame
  • Calculating Heiken Ashi for all chart types
  • You can use all cTrader indicators on top of Custom Period Chart OHLC outputs, ex: you can add a moving average on your chart that uses Custom Period chart close prices as source
  • Best solution for manual strategy testing in cTrader back tester, you can use this indicator to draw other time frame bars on your chart or Renko/Range bars because as of now cTrader back tester is not supporting Renko/Range back testing

This indicator was previously known as “Custom Period Candles”. 

1 review for Custom Period Chart

  1. Ehsan

    Very effective and well designed. Just what I was looking for.

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Release Date: January 3, 2021

Changed: Licensing system


Release Date: September 13, 2020

Added: Separate version

Fixed: Bar wicks not on bar body center


Release Date: September 9, 2020

Fixed: Renko bars drawing issue


Release Date: August 31, 2020

Added: Optional OHLC outputs, now you can use other indicators on top of Custom Period Chart outputs


Release Date: August 21, 2020

Changed: Licensing model


Release Date: April 25, 2020

Added: Now you can enable/disable the update check


Release Date: March 25, 2020

Changed: Updated to the latest available cTrader automate API version


Release Date: September 13, 2019

Added: Heiken Ashi

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