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Managing multiple trading accounts at the same time from the same platform is one of the best features a trading platform can provide.

Using cMAM allows users of cTrader to manage multiple trading accounts from different brokers, and have access to your accounts data and execute trading operations.

You can mirror one account trading operations to multiple trading accounts from different brokers, the cMAM mirroring engine allows you to have your private mirroring platform without sharing any data with others, you will have full control over mirroring and no other 3rd party will be able to know anything about your trades.

cMAM uses cTrader Connect API, the API allows cMAM to have access to your trading accounts and execute trading operations without the need to run the cTrader desktop application.

You can add as many trading accounts as you have from different brokers, and mirror one account orders to other accounts with different risk exposures.

cTrader / MetaTrader 4/5 Copying

With cMAM you copy from cTrader to cTrader, cTrader to MetaTrader 4/5, and MetaTrader 4/5 to cTrader.

You can easily copy one cTrader account to several MetaTrader 4/5/cTrader accounts or vice versa.

Who should use cMAM?

The program is useful for those professional traders that manage multiple accounts and control investor accounts.

You can also copy from one social trading platform and become a provider on another with cMAM.

Use your Favorite MetaTrader 4/5 EAs on your cTrader trading account

With cMAM you can run a MetaTrader 4/5 EA on a MetaTrader account and copy it’s trades to your cTrader trading account.

You don’t have to use a live MetaTrader account, you can use a demo MetaTrader account to run the EA and copy it’s trades to your cTrader live / demo account.

Copy cTrader cBot trades to your MetaTrader 4/5 trading accounts

As cMAM allows you to copy trades from a cTrader trading account to MetaTrader 4/5 accounts, you can use the cTrader cBots and copy their trades to your MetaTrader 4/5 accounts.

cMAM vs Social Trading Platforms

As you might know, cTrader platform has a built-in mirroring platform called cTrader copy (cMirror), but the social trading platform like cTrader copy, MyFxBook AutoTrade, or ZuluTrade are not private and their audience is usually amateur retail traders who want to follow other traders, cMAM is private and doesn’t show your trading activity to anybody.

How fast is cMAM mirroring engine?

As we mentioned it uses Spotware connect API and the latency is much lower than any other mirroring platforms you have used before, cMAM uses your local system resources and you can scale it based on your need.

Copying from other copy trading platforms

With cMAM you can copy from one copy trading platform and become a signal provider on another, or you can copy one provider on several trading accounts to save on commissions.

It doesn’t matter which cTrader application you are using

As cMAM uses cTrader Open API, you can use any of the cTrader applications like it’s mobile application, desktop application, web application, or any other third party application that operates on your cTrader account for executing your trades.

What’s the proper way to use cMAM?

We recommend you to use it on a VPS, we use TradingFxVPS company, they are specialized in providing VPS for Forex traders with very low latency and good price, we have tested cMAM on their VPS and it works great without any issue, you can support cMAM development by using our affiliate link:

Please support cMAM development by using our affiliate link for TradingFxVPS.



  • Connect an unlimited number of trading accounts from multiple brokers and cID profiles
  • Executing same trading operations at the same time on multiple trading accounts
  • Easily manage multiple cTrader accounts from different brokers
  • Managing accounts orders and positions
  • Support both cTrader and MetaTrader 4/5 platforms
  • Copying from cTrader to MetaTrader 4/5 and MetaTrader 4/5 to cTrader
  • Setting extra info for trading accounts
  • Advanced options for the closing of positions and pending orders
  • Powerful and high-speed mirroring engine
  • Copying one account orders to multiple accounts
  • Following a trading account in a reverse direction
  • Cross broker mirroring
  • Copying symbol orders to x number of other different symbols (ex: GBPUSD -> EURUSD)
  • Multiplying master account orders volume and then copying to slave accounts
  • Categorizing trading accounts
  • You don’t have to install or keep open cTrader platform on your VPS as it consumes too much resource, cMAM is not dependent on cTrader desktop as it uses Spotware Open API

Please join our Telegram group, there we share details about updates and we discuss about future releases of cMAM and what features should we add, you can also get quick respond from us regarding your issues with cMAM.

Official Telegram Support Group:


30 reviews for cMAM

  1. Iman Alhazmi (verified owner)

    Awesome product. Very efficient and is very cheap relative to it’s capabilities.
    Support is also superb. Great job guys!

  2. Urban Tavcar (verified owner)

    Finally an amazing copier for cTrader! It works well, also I tried from cTrader to MT4 and vice versa and it works amazing! Funny price for that quality copier, thank you Developers!

  3. Rist (verified owner)

    Very good and helpful program great support, I strongly recommend it 🙂

  4. supreme

    before it was free, i got errors and the product did not work correctly. there was a support avaliable and he got back to me. After the product got free. the product can not establish a connection and the support is not avaliable and not responding at all.
    Product might be nice, but its not usable for me and if you have problems you on your own.

  5. Alex (verified owner)

    I love the copy trader but, where i live my internet is trash , sometime get lost connection and the same time close a trade in the main account close it but the other account dont, you should update add a botton close all next to the play botton

  6. ghulam yasin (verified owner)

    it doesnot provide service for copying accounts in ctrader copy. In the start it worked but lateron it was stopped once people purchased it. very bad

  7. Brij

    great product thanks for creating it. Ctrader to ctrader is awesome, However, copying ctrader trades to mt4, it doesnt copy sl and tp, is this something thats an issue from my side or is it software limitation?if this one thing is fixed this will be the best software for copying.

    • Admin

      cMAM can copy orders stop loss and take profit from/to MetaTrader/cTrader.

      Maybe you haven’t enabled copying stop loss / take profit on your symbol mapping file.

  8. Dzuro

    Great – But not showing equity

  9. Adal

    Today I get AVG message cMAM_3.7.3.exe is infected by Win32 TrojanX-gen. Any info? I download the file from web again the same message!!

    • Admin

      It’s not infected, Antivirus detect cMAM as a malware because it’s executable file is not signed.

  10. Pedro Rosa

    I tried downloading and it got blocked by Windows Defender as the code base has not being signed, and I tried several ways to make it work but no luck. As I am a developer, is there an option you provide the code base as open source so I can download it and sign it for myself? The other way could be to provide the individual files instead of wrapped up in an installer, to avoid the blocking. This will become a showstopper for most people trying to use it, if not already a showstopper.

    • Admin

      cMAM has only one executable file, there is no need for installation, the file you downloaded isn’t an installer.
      To solve the issue with Windows Defender you can put it on exceptions.
      Or you can use a virtual machine to run it.
      We are going to sign the cMAM file in near future, but I can’t give you an exact time.

  11. Adal

    I have been receiving an error message for a week before starting my profile:
    Error Object referenxe not set to an instance of an object.
    So I can not use cMAM 🙁

  12. lais

    the best

  13. Doanh

    How much?

    • Admin


      It’s free for now.

  14. Xolani

    I’m using version it works well on the PC but I’m getting a SSL error on the VPS. “SSL connection could not be established see inner exception “.

    Has anyone faced the same issue?

  15. vusi Dladla (verified owner)

    I’m also having this issue using version it works well on the PC but I’m getting a SSL error on the VPS. “SSL connection could not be established see inner exception “.

    Please assist.

  16. vusi Dladla (verified owner)

    I have figured out a way around the above issue, just copy the Cmam data from local PC to your VPS. More info on this link

  17. Alex

    good app

  18. Vudon

    There are some minor issues but those does not affect your trades. Extremely recommended product, thank you 🙂

  19. Martin H.

    Was very pleased with this product untill update
    Now the windows see the .exe file as a virus and is no longer working on Windows 2016. Tried 3 different VPS and emailed you weekes ago. No answer.
    Please fix asap.

  20. Renne

    Is possible to setup to copy from mt5 to /mt5 /mt4

  21. Dane

    Does this cmam work on a VPS with Windows 2012, hat is the recommended Windows server?

  22. john

    File is not opening please help

  23. Rudolf Ryan Perez

    Working sometimes, latest version full of bugs. Error on updating access token, but how do you fix it when the app only shows EXIT button. So much potential for this app but they dont really care since its free

  24. Jose Ugarte

    Hey, thanks for your program. Its helped me a lot! Greetings from Venezuela.

  25. Stevve

    Cant open the Version wrong at download and my computer doesn’t support? But I have all the requirements you need

  26. Jairo Carrizales

    Does this product work as a trial version and then you have to pay for it? It no longer works for me, it worked perfectly for about 2 weeks and no longer. It says “Getting Acount(s) data..Please wait” and no longer loads

  27. Adonye

    How can I use cMAM on a Mac machine?

  28. cateuse

    I am trying the program on IG.
    The symbol on IG for “spx 500” is spx500(£).
    The mapping does not work if there is (£)
    The program works fine for copying on oanda where there is no £ character in the symbol however on IG it doesnt.
    Is it possible to have a wildcard perhaps ?

  29. Dura

    I’m getting a SSL error using on the VPS. “SSL connection could not be established see inner exception “.
    I have the latest version
    can anyone assist ?

  30. Ethan

    Hi, can you add mt5 toolbox information(account balance, equity, margin level,…) to cTrader as Text in chart? it’s will be awesome.

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Release Date: June 30, 2022

Fixed: cTrader to MetaTrader 5 mirroring issue


Release Date: June 26, 2022

Fixed: Reporting bugs issue

Fixed: Duplicating mirroring profiles issue

Fixed: Rounding volume issue

Fixed: Some other minor issues

Changed: Updated all dependencies


Release Date: March 21, 2022

Fixed: Re-connection issue


Release Date: February 14, 2022

Fixed: High CPU usage after long reconnection attempts


Release Date: December 27, 2021

Fixed: Crashing after long reconnection attempts

Fixed: High resource usage after long reconnection attempts

Fixed: Not disposing unused resources properly

Changed: Updated dependencies

Changed: Improved logging


Release Date: October 13, 2021

Fixed: Crashing on MetaTrader to cTrader profiles


Release Date: October 4, 2021

Fixed: High CPU usage during reconnection attempts

Fixed: Disconnecting/reconnecting consistently

Fixed: Reconnection dialog not disappearing after successfully reconnecting


Release Date: September 13, 2021

Fixed: Telegram max message length error

Fixed: Null exception crashing issue


Release Date: September 1, 2021

Added: Live and fast equity/balance based volume management for cTrader slave accounts like MetaTrader accounts

Added: Data folder icon on title bar, you can open data folder of cMAM on your file explorer by clicking on it

Fixed: Issue on filled pending orders (cTrader to cTrader mirroring)

Fixed: Not working properly if cTrader master double/reverse the position

Fixed: Regularly crashing on weekends

Fixed: Not working on some VPS

Fixed: Issus with sync open/close

Fixed: Not being able to close the positions sometimes on slave accounts due to incorrect volume value for close order request

Fixed: Issues with accounts categories

Fixed: Not copying properly the pending orders expiry on MetaTrader slave accounts

Changed: SQlite to LiteDB for faster and better data storage

Changed: Migrated to .NET 5.0 from 3.1 Core

Changed: Now cMAM uses OpenAPI.NET library for interacting with Spotware Open API

Changed: Single EXE file deployment, you don’t have to install cMAM on your system anymore

Changed: Removed dependencies, you don’t have to install any dependency on your system to use cMAM

Removed: Adding cTrader accounts via embeded browser, now you can only add cTrader accounts by using the authentication URL and copying authentication code


Release Date: April 30, 2021

Fixed: Telegram notification issue

Fixed: Crashing on MetaTrader to cTrader profiles


Release Date: April 19, 2021

Fixed: Partial close issue on MetaTrader slave accounts


Release Date: April 4, 2021

Fixed: Account authorization issue


Release Date: March 21, 2021

Fixed: Some minor bugs


Release Date: March 14, 2021

Fixed: Lot volume normalization issue


Release Date: February 21, 2021

Fixed: Crashing during weekend API disconnection / reconnection


Release Date: February 19, 2021

Fixed: Position closing issue on cTrader to MetaTrader mirroring profiles

Fixed: Error after clicking on “Later” button on update notification dialog


Release Date: February 18, 2021

Fixed: Some minor bugs on mirroring related to cTrader to MetaTrader profiles

Changed: Now you can view the profile editor while a profile is running


Release Date: February 17, 2021

Fixed: MetaTrader slave EA crash

Fixed: cTrader slave account closed position volume calculation issues

Fixed: Selecting the slave account while scrolling

Fixed: Showing multiple update notification popups

Fixed: Re-opening closed master account trades on slave accounts after EA restart on cTrader to MetaTrader mirroring profiles


Release Date: February 15, 2021

Fixed: Telegram notification issue if the bot is added on a channel


Release Date: February 15, 2021

Added: cTrader <-> MetaTrader 5 mirroring

Added: Fixed volume mirroring

Added: Auto risk (equity / balance) mirroring

Added: Synchronizing slave accounts with master account option

Added: Not copying new orders and managing only copied ones option

Added: Telegram Bot notification

Added: New add account with auth code option instead of directly adding accounts

Added: Bug report icon on title bar

Added: Alias text for cTrader trading accounts

Added: Description text for mirroring profiles

Added: Duplicating mirroring profiles

Added: Max equity loss for MetaTrader slave accounts (cTrader slave accounts doesn’t have this feature now)

Fixed: High CPU usage of MetaTrader to cTrader mirroring profiles

Fixed: Partial close issue of MetaTrader to cTrader mirroring profiles

Fixed: Minor issues in license activation

Fixed: Not being able to connect to new Open API application

Fixed: Lots of other minor bugs

Fixed: Not deactivating accounts that cMAM lose access to

Fixed: Not copying filled pending orders on MetaTrader to cTrader mirroring profiles

Changed: Removed email notification

Changed: Set different port ranges for different mirroring profile types to avoid confusion

Changed: Removed host IP / address from MetaTrader mirroring profiles

Changed: Increased significantly the adding / synchronizing accounts process speed

Changed: Removed “cMAM” from cTrader copied order labels

Changed: Removed dependency to .NET framework


Release Date: January 4, 2021

Fixed: Invalid SL/TP error on CFD symbols for MetaTrader 4 to cTrader mirroring profiles

Fixed: Disappearing account categories after re-adding


Release Date: December 31, 2020

Fixed: Copying order SL/TP while disabled on symbol mapping file on MetaTrader 4 to cTrader mirroring profiles

Fixed: Showing incorrect number of connected clients on MetaTrader 4 Master EA


Release Date: December 28, 2020

Fixed: Several minor issues related to API connection

Changed: Tweaked the API connection code

Added: EAs parameters and stats to MT4 chart


Release Date: December 15, 2020

Fixed: Crashing on consecutive API reconnection attempts

Fixed: Error on starting/stopping mirroring profiles

Fixed: cTrader to MetaTrader 4 mirroring memory leak

Changed: Now cMAM doesn’t remove the MetaTrader 4 slave EA from chart if you stop the mirroring profile, and if you start back the profile it will reconnect to same EA instance

Changed: Improved the cTrader to MetaTrader 4 mirroring by changing the order tracking algorithm

Changed: Updated some dependency packages

Changed: Updated color picker control

Changed: Updated the item selection control

Changed: Updated the licensing library

Changed: Improved logging

Added: Logging parameter to MetaTrader 4 slave EA, by default its set to false which means there will be no send/receive messages on your terminal expert tab

Note: If you have open positions on your cTrader to MetaTrader mirroring profiles you have to close the positions first before updating to this version, as this version uses a new algorithm to track orders so it will not be able to recognize open orders on your MetaTrader accounts, other mirroring profile type are not affected by this change.


Release Date: November 20, 2020

Fixed: Several minor issues

Changed: DI container to a faster one


Release Date: November 11, 2020

Fixed: Symbol digits mismatch between slave/master


Release Date: November 10, 2020

Fixed: Volume multiplier not working properly for indices

Changed: updated dependency packages


Release Date: October 21, 2020

Fixed: Several reported issues in cTrader to cTrader mirroring


Release Date: October 20, 2020

Fixed: Mirroring volume multiplier decimal places issue

Changed: Force copy is now the default behavior in mirroring if the volume value was lower than symbol allowed minimum volume, the symbol minimum volume will be used


Release Date: October 19, 2020

Fixed: Mirroring profiles not starting issue

Fixed: An issue on license registration


Release Date: October 19, 2020

Added: MetaTrader 4 to cTrader and cTrader to MetaTrader 4 copying

Added: Now you can change API host URLs, port, and maximum request per seconds

Changed: The volume unit from cTrader units to lots

Changed: Now there is only one symbol selection table on mirroring profile creator

Changed: Symbol mapping is now connected to slave accounts

Changed: Moved reverse trading to slave accounts

Changed: Now you have to also provide your order ID with email in license registration

Removed: Fixed volume from mirroring, now there is only volume multiplication option

Removed: Menu colors from theme view

Fixed: Lots of major and minor bugs

Fixed: Mirroring issues on cTrader netted accounts

Improved: The program overall code quality


Release Date: August 31, 2020

Fixed: Add account button not working

Fixed: some other reported bugs


Release Date: August 28, 2020

Added: License registration, now you have to register your license on cMAM itself

Changed: Increased significantly account sync speed

Fixed: Some minor bugs


Release Date: July 28, 2020

Changed: Migrated from .NET framework to .NET Core 3.1

Removed: Sleeping feature from mirroring profiles

Fixed: All issues related to access token update

Fixed: Several mirroring related issues

Fixed: Some other minor bugs


Release Date: July 19, 2020

Added: Loading accounts dialog

Fixed: Problem in connection after disconnecting from API service

Fixed: Mirroring profiles sleeping feature

Fixed: A critical bug in database management

Changed: Email notification architecture

Changed: Removed confirmation dialogs from mirroring profiles mass start/stop


Release Date: July 17, 2020

Added: Cancel button on adding account dialog

Added: Cancel button on sync account data

Fixed: Mirroring not working properly

Fixed: All mirroring issues with cTrader copy

Fixed: Issue with mirroring profiles start/stop

Changed: Now the whole app only uses one connection to API


Release Date: July 6, 2020

Added: Shutting down dialog on exit

Fixed: Not recognizing copied orders on slave accounts after mirroring profile/cMAM restarted

Fixed: Some reported bugs related to mirroring

Changed: Now it only uses two connections to API instead of separate connections for each mirroring profile

Changed: UI framework updated

Changed: Some dependency packages updated


Release Date: June 22, 2020

Added: Email Notifications

Added: Category and live columns to slave account selection

Fixed: Outside context error

Fixed: Field not found error on mirroring

Fixed: Not being able to stop a running mirroring profile

Fixed: Error on reporting log data

Changed: Now you don’t have to re-enter the API credentials after each update, now cMAM saves the API credentials encrypted on its data folder

Changed: Theme view now looks much better

Changed: Updated several dependency packages


Release Date: June 8, 2020

Added: Sleeping mode to mirroring profiles

Added: Symbol mapping to mirroring profiles

Added: Settings view

Added: Search box on symbol and slave account selection at mirroring profile creator

Added: Mirroring profile status

Added: Report Logs button on log view

Fixed: Not loading account transactions

Fixed: Not loading account history

Fixed: Account categories disappearing after adding new accounts

Fixed: Mirroring profile stopping issue

Fixed: Some crashing issues

Changed: Moved documentation and about view to title bar


Release Date: May 19, 2020

Fixed: Crashing when Connect API goes to maintenance

Fixed: Getting the maximum frequency reached error

Fixed: Getting reached maximum connection limit error

Changed: Optimized API resource usage significantly

Added: Volume settings per slave account


Release Date: May 14, 2020

Fixed: Several bugs on adding trading accounts

Fixed: Trading accounts search issue

Fixed: Issue with mirroring profile start/stop

Fixed: Mirroring profile not being able to realize orders previously opened

Changed: Updated several dependency packages

Changed: Now you can use your own redirect URI at API configuration

Changed: Home view icons


Release Date: April 21, 2020

Fixed: Reactive dependency issue


Release Date: January 20, 2020

Added: Connect API configuration


Release Date: December 7, 2019

Fixed: Account sync issue


Release Date: November 30, 2019

Fixed: Key exist error on mirroring engine restart


Release Date: November 28, 2019

Fixed: SL/TP mirroring issue

Fixed: Not loading theme view


Release Date: November 26, 2019

Fixed: Account categories disappearance after re-adding

Fixed: A critical bug on adding accounts of same broker from multiple cID profiles


Release Date: November 25, 2019

Fixed: Error when a symbol is not available on slave account


Release Date: November 23, 2019

Fixed: Weekends issue


Release Date: November 18, 2019

Fixed: Some error handling issues


Release Date: November 14, 2019

Fixed: Connection issue


Release Date: November 12, 2019

Fixed: Stopped working bug


Release Date: November 4, 2019

Fixed: A minor bug on mirroring


Release Date: November 1, 2019

Added: Account categorization

Changed: UI

Changed: New mirroring engine


Release Date: Septemeber 16, 2019

Fixed: A minor reported bug


Release Date: August 26, 2019

Fixed: Some bugs in mirroring


Release Date: April 3, 2019

Changed: Connect API default app


Release Date: December 9, 2018

Changed: Now in the accounts list, it shows user ID instead of username

Fixed: Duplicate key error on starting mirroring profile


Release Date: November 25, 2018

Fixed: An issue with adding new trading accounts (We just made it compatible with Connect API behavior as it’s not returning user cID username and email)


Release Date: October 16, 2018

Fixed: Mirroring profile disconnection issue

Fixed: Mirroring profile stopping issue


Release Date: September 21, 2018

Fixed: Too many request error

Fixed: Version 2.5.6 mirroring speed issue


Release Date: September 20, 2018

Added: Using custom connect API app


Release Date: September 12, 2018

Added: Ignore button on the error dialog

Added: Getting user email before reporting the error


Release Date: September 4, 2018

Fixed: Key not found error on starting mirroring profiles


Release Date: August 31, 2018

Fixed: Index out of range error in updating trading accounts


Release Date: February 14, 2018

Fixed: A bug in mirroring

Added: Reverse trading option on mirroring

Added: Enabling/disabling orders expiration time, stop loss, and take profit copying on mirroring


Release Date: January 24, 2018

Fixed: A bug in account view mass orders close/cancel button

Changed: Internet connection check pop-up

Added: Mirroring profiles are able to recognize and manage the orders that were opened before start of the profile


Release Date: December 28, 2017

Changed: New UI

Added: Step by step wizard type mirroring profile creation

Added: New logging module

Added: Being able to add multiple trading accounts to a mirroring profile slave accounts

Removed: Creation of new orders


Release Date: November 5, 2017

Fixed: A bug in getting trading accounts symbols

Fixed: Position not found with id 0 trading API error

Fixed: Some minor reported bugs


Release Date: October 29, 2017

Fixed: Not copying trading accounts cash flow from the previous version

Fixed: Bad Volume error

Fixed: Hanging while loading trading account symbols

Added: Confirmation dialog on application exit

Added: Bring in front the main window on notification popup

Changed: Not supporting anymore the unknown symbols


Release Date: October 9, 2017

Fixed: A bug in adding same cID profile trading accounts

Fixed: A bug in getting trading account symbols

Fixed: Not copying single protection modification of pending orders

Fixed: Some other minor reported bugs


Release Date: September 9, 2017

Fixed: A bug in adding trading accounts


Release Date: September 7, 2017

Fixed: Invalid user id bug

Fixed: Positions and pending orders amending bug


Release Date: September 4, 2017

Fixed: Some bugs on Mirroring

Fixed: Synced with latest Connect API changes

Added: Backward compatibility


Release Date: August 29, 2017

Fixed: Invalid token bug

Fixed: Not closing positions after closing the volume partially

Added: Log folder button


Release Date: August 28, 2017

Fixed: Bugs on trading API authentication

Fixed: A bug on mirroring pending orders SL / TP

Added: New logging with email notification

Added: Shows account margin related statistics on account positions tab

Added: Documentation embedded


Release Date: August 12, 2017

Added: Made compatible with Wealth Symphony Quant broker


Release Date: August 11, 2017

Fixed: Some minor bugs

Added: Grouping trading account, positions, orders and transactions

Added: Selecting order types for mirroring

Added: Shows each trading account net profit

Added: Trading accounts cash flow (Transactions)

Added: More info on status bar

Removed: Trading accounts deals number

Changed: Increased trading accounts adding speed significantly due to removing deals number

Changed: UI tweaked


Release Date: July 11, 2017

Fixed: Trading accounts updating bug

Fixed: Adding new trading accounts from same cID profile bug

Fixed: Canceling trading accounts adding and updating progress dialog bug

Added: Auto reset after installing new version of cMAM

Added: New logging and error reporting model

Changed: Major UI modification and tweaks


Release Date: July 05, 2017

Fixed: Some critical bugs

Added: More customizable UI

Changed: Some major changes on API library


Release Date: June 19, 2017

Fixed: Adding TradersWay accounts bug

Added: Trading account balance on account info

Changed: Moved Add, Save, and Cancel buttons from bottom to top in mirroring tab


Release Date: June 02, 2017

Fixed: Adding multiple cID trading accounts bug

Changed: Some small UI tweaks and changes


Release Date: May 01, 2017

Fixed: Some critical and small bugs

Added: Positions and pending orders modification
Added: Advanced mirroring options
Added: Showing the number of open positions and pending orders
Added: Starting from where you left off
Added: Documentation icon on the title bar
Added: Splash screen

Changed: Increased the account adding speed up to 30%
Changed: Each day log will be saved in separate log files
Changed: Showing accounts broker titles on mirroring accounts list
Changed: Showing accounts description on opening new order views
Changed: Mass trading operations speed improved significantly
Changed: Mirroring engine optimized


Release Date: April 03, 2017

Fixed: Few bugs fixed
Fixed: Performance Optimized

Added New positions closing options
Added: New pending orders canceling options
Added: Opposite mirroring option


Release Date: March 13, 2017

Fixed: Lots of bugs on mirroring engine
Fixed: Bad memory management
Fixed: Slow speed and too much REST requests
Fixed: Stopped Working problem

Added: Extra options on mirroring
Added: Accounts position management
Added: Accounts pending orders management
Added: Opening same position on multiple accounts at same time
Added: Placing the same order on multiple accounts at same time
Added: Theme and appearance customization
Added: Reset feature
Added: Close all open positions of an account or multiple accounts
Added: Cancel all open pending orders of an account or multiple accounts
Added: Showing the number of account total trades


Release Date: January 11, 2017

Fixed: Some critical bugs on copying engine
Fixed: A Bug on trading API library


Release Date: January 10, 2017

Fixed: Bug with following multiple accounts by one account
Fixed: Bug in deleting following profiles


Release Date: January 08, 2017

Fixed: High CPU usage problem


Release Date: December 23, 2016

Fixed: Problem in adding new trading accounts
Fixed: Bug in adding volume to market range orders
Fixed: Reconnecting after disconnection

Added: Decreased accounts loading speed


Release Date: December 06, 2016

Fixed: Symbols selection bug
Fixed: Adding and cutting the volume of pending orders bug
Fixed: Pending order management after filling bug

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