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Retail traders lose lots of money and time when they first start trading due to lack of knowledge and expertise, internet is full of the people who want to scam you and sell you all kinds of unrealistic promises.

You can save your time and money by using our consultancy service, our service includes:

  • Finding a good broker if you don’t have one
  • Developing a tested trading system based on your trading style
  • Giving you the right tools that will make your trading easier
  • Allowing you to use our proprietary Forex fundamental data analysis software
  • The consultancy service is not a trading course, we give you the tools we use by ourselves.

Why trust us?

The retail FX industry is full of scammers due to lack of regulations and trusting a company or person in this space is very hard, if you already got scammed then I’m sure you are not going to repeat the same mistake again with us, but we are different:

  • We are not selling you any trading bot or system that will make you rich
  • We are not guaranteeing any profit or positive outcome
  • We will give you a 100% realistic view on how much you re going to make/loss based on industry average
  • We use the tools we will give you by ourselves
  • What we will give is backed by sound economic logic and fundamental data analysis, not some fancy indicator
  • We will give you a bank of macroeconomic indicators data that you will be able to analyze with our Forex data analysis software
  • We will arm you with what you need to become a true trader, not a technical indicator signal trader

To get a quote or more information please contact us via

Or you can use our site live chat if we were online.