Black Swan
Version: - Platform: cTrader Release Date: 15 March 2017

It's a trading robot built based on our "Percentage Change" indicator so whenever price fell or raised x percentage it will reverse trade, Suppose price fell x% the bot will buy and if it raised x% the bot will sell.

This trading robot is not one of those that are made based on martingale or grid methods.

On images tab you will find some back test results screen shots, All those back tests are done on high quality tick by tick(Not M1 bars) historical data and the transaction cost of 40 USD per million added on each orders and we didn't got that back test results by over optimizing or curve fitting of robot, The back test parameters files added on zip package of robot.

You can download and use the robot demo version for back testing and demo trading for free.



  • Fixed and percentage based position sizing methods
  • Advanced order management
  • ATR based stop loss and take profit
  • Stop loss trailing


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