Version: - Platform: cTrader Release Date: 21 February 2018

VWAP or volume weighted average price indicator is one of the main intraday trading indicators, this indicator uses typical price which is sum of high, low and close divided by three and then it multiplies the typical price to the volume of that particular bar after that it divides the result to the cumulative volume of that bar.

If you are an intraday trader you can use VWAP for finding the trend direction or in case you are an algo trader you will be able to use this indicator on your trading algos.

VWAP gives a complete picture of the market by using three price series(high, low and close) and volume, not just a single price series like moving averages.


  • Shifting the VWAP line forward and backward
  • Changing the number of days from one day
  • Popup, sound and email alert on VWAP cross


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